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About Company:

Altimetrik is a business and technology transformation accelerator. Our practitioners tap into an organization’s technology and talent to quickly engineer and deliver incremental business outcomes. We partner with companies in all industries around the globe to help them break through the barriers that inhibit change–freeing them to rewrite rules, rewire how they operate, and respond to shifting market demands and changing competitive challenges. 

Our client partnership model is a hyper-collaborative process designed to envision, prototype, and implement solutions with speed and agility. We iterate ideas and solutions with client teams to uncover new ways to create value by applying data, technology, and ingenuity. Delivering quick hit outcomes drives efficiency and uncommon innovation.

Company Profile:

Altimetrik Collider is a collaboration and innovation hub, smashing together the brightest minds to unleash an explosion of creative potential. Located in leading innovation markets around the world, Collider is focused on finding and connecting with talented software engineers and exciting startups. It’s where bright minds meet up, hang out, and engage—the place where “what’s next” happens daily. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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